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The Story

 Isaac Arthur, a proud son of Ghana, an Entrepreneur and a Biochemist developed Fruitee
water in his Kitchen in California, 2015. During his first visit to Ghana in 13 years, Isaac,
was thrilled by vibrancy of the Ghanaian market and it inclination to trendy consumable products.
However, there were few pitfalls: most of these products were imported and some were very unhealthy.
As a concern citizen and a serial inventor, he conceived the idea to introduce Ghanaians to fruit infused
or flavoured water. Fruit-flavoured water is the new trend of water in the western world. It is regarded
as an healthy alternative to sugary beverages and is considered the ‘fun-tasty’ water.
 In his own words, “I am a health conscious individual and I became very concern about the health of my
people. I felt the desperate need for a change; a disruption in the food and beverage industry for good!”.